1-2-3, Train With Me tickets now available!

Tickets for our streetcar/afterparty are now on sale!

The event is on Saturday, September 28th, and is slated to run from approx 8pm-4am.

Please provide full names!

Alternately, send an email money transfer of $40.00 to info@daydreamproductions.ca!

The lineup:

On the Streetcar:

DJ Fat Steve & Dave Castellano [UK] – Classic Hardcore Anthems
Babyduck – Classic Eurodance hits
Marty McFlyboy – Classic breaks choonage

The Afterparty:

DJ Fat Steve & Dave Castellano [UK] 3 turntable upfront hardcore
Marty McFly – Party Breaks
Flyboy – Happy hardcore/drum n bass
Discbreak – drum n bass
Velociraver – Epic Trance

This party is WHERE’S WALDO themed! Everybody wear your best Waldo attire for this event. This is also LOLITA’S BIRTHDAY & GOING AWAY PARTY! If you don’t dress up accordingly, she’ll be sad. You don’t want her to be sad, do you?

<3 Daydream Productions

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