New Year’s with Daydream and NC!

As both the Mayan and modern calendar prepare to end, millions of people around the world are asking the question: is the world about to end in fiery apocalypse?

No. No, it won’t. That’s really, really silly.

In fact, it’s hard to think of something that would be sillier than believing the world is about to face a fiery apocalypse because of centuries old calendar. But of course, we did think of something sillier, because we’re kind of the experts in being silly.

That’s why, as the calendar ends and 2013 begins, Nocturnal Commissions and Daydream Productions are joining forces to prepare the world for the REAL challenge. We’re getting ready for…


We’re facing it down the only way we know how, with proper hardcore power! Want to know who is playing? Watch this space – we’ll be posting our lineup one performer at a time all week long!

9: Datarider
10: ad hoc
12: Dynamic
3: Marty McFly b2b Flyboy

This event is a full-powered hardcore rave, combining the full force of Daydream Productions and Nocturnal Commissions into one legendary raving machine! That means you can expect the full-on rave experience, including:

– TRIP and Nocturnal Commissions booths for all your raving needs!
– Incredible decor from the Dreambuilders!
– Photography from the Dreamcatchers!
– Fresh Fruit and Candy giveaways through the night to keep your energy up!
– Our traditional Nocturnal Commissions Kandie Kontest!
– Free CD giveways!
– And most of all, that one-of-a-kind, never-ending, laser-bright, alpacalicious vibe that YOU bring with you to every Nocturnal Commissions and Daydream Productions event!

Tickets available for $35 from Shanti Baba (546 Queen Street West) and the Nocturnal Commissions booth
Purchase online at by clicking the link above!
Door price: $40

Email with any questions or concerns, or TEXT the infoline 647-520-1848

This event is 16+, with a licensed area for those who wish to fortify themselves with liquid courage before the alpacalypse strikes.


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